Thursday, July 28, 2016

Moon of Alabama — Will Preemptive Accusations Against Russia Cover Up Voting Fraud?

The Democratic Establishment sure hopes it will. The media and liberal* pundits are carrying out a furious disinformation campaign to distract from the cesspool.
The Clinton campaign and some pseudo experts assert that Russia is somehow guilty of hacking the Democratic National Committee and of revealing DNC emails via Wikileaks. There is zero hard evidence for that. The Clinton campaign also claims that Trump asked Russia to hack Clinton's emails. That is also not the case.
But two "liberal" computer experts, who are taken serious in the security scene, now build on those false assertions to say that Russia might manipulate voting machines in the November 9 elections. It would do so, presumably, to change the vote count in favor of Trump.
A Bruce Schneier op ed in today's Washington Post is headlined: By November, Russian hackers could target voting machines.
That headline alone is already dumb. ANY hacker could target and manipulate the easy to deceive voting machines - should those be connected to the Internet. Local administrators of such machines can manipulate them any time.

* (in the sense of US politics) 

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