Wednesday, July 27, 2016

John Helmer — The New Byzantine Alliance

Monumental shift in geopolitical alignment shaping up.
Russian sources are non-committal on what role US military and intelligence agencies played during the July 15 events at the Incirlik airbase and elsewhere to encourage, or not to discourage, the attempt at overthrowing Erdogan. What is certain now, as Erdogan tries to mop up, according to Greek and Cypriot analysts, is that Turkey has turned against the US and the NATO alliance. “Turkey is now moving away from western dependence,” says a well-informed region source who asks not to be identified. “This makes sense geopolitically because the west has lost control in the Middle East. Other close western allies in the region, like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, are becoming autonomous, in the sense that they don’t obey the US. This is because the US can no longer act as a hegemon. Washington can’t dictate, or even recommend solutions to conflicts or rivalries, like Iraq, Syria, Libya, or Palestine. Now, with or without direct US involvement in the Turkish coup, Erdogan sees his chance to make Turkey more autonomous, so he is taking it.”
Russian sources agree. Referring to Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (right), whose plan of attack against Russia in Ukraine, Turkey, Syria, and Cyprus have been reported here and here, a Moscow source concludes:“The Nuland plots have all failed. The US can no longer talk to the Turks. Losing Turkey to Erdogan and his Islamists also means the US can dictate no longer in the region. You can’t expect the Americans will take it lying down. There’s no government in Washington right now. But if Clinton wins, there will be a US fight-back. It will be too late.”
Dances with Bears
The New Byzantine Alliance
John Helmer


Ignacio said...

What will EU Vassal's do? Grow some balls or still suck it up to USA?

I hope Trump wins and unravels NATO, this would force Germany out of its hypocritical comfort zone.

Jake C said...

Please Turkey and Russia have never been friends.

U.S. "Loosing" control of "vassals" please those middle eastern states have always acted in their own interest.Just because US is wary of IS supporting Erdogan and US funds the Kurds.

This should be interpreted as those regimes (turkey or saudi) looking influence over US policy.because for ounce US is pursuing policy (finding Kurds,brokering peace with IRAN) which actually benefits the west and not a bunch of wahabbist Arabs.

Jake C said...


Jake C said...
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Jake C said...
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