Sunday, July 31, 2016

John Churchman — Lurching Toward World War III

The fundamental problem in America’s government is an elaborate political structure much resembling democracy but with actual rule by a powerful establishment and a set of special interests – all supported by a monstrous security apparatus and a huge, lumbering military, which wouldn’t even know what to do with itself in peace. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is any apparent solution to this horrible political reality, and, while once it affected primarily Americans themselves, today it affects the planet.
There is an intense new element that has been added to America’s governing establishment: the drive of the neocons for American supremacy everywhere, for complete global dominance, and it is something which is frighteningly similar to past drives by fascist governments which brought only human misery on a vast scale.…
Unfortunately, America is resembling more and more past empires that rose and fell and are now only memories. The principal question about WWIII and the American Empire is whether there will be anyone left to remember it.

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Kaivey said...

The Western ruling class, the Anglo Saxon and the American, had conquered most of the world by the end of the last century. They had Africa and India which they looted. And China was in submission giving the West much of what it wanted. But Russia was full of riches and the Western aristocracy had never conquered it. They wanted it, and they still do today.

Anthony Sutton describes in his books how Western bankers funded the Russian revolution as a way to destroy Russia. They thought the civil war would break Russia up and remove the tsar. The tsar went but Russia didn't break up. The Western ruling elite are still trying to destroy Russia today. It's a mineral rich country, like Venezuela, another country they are trying to wreck so they can loot it.