Friday, July 29, 2016

Martin Armstrong — Congress Authorized Propaganda Against Americans

Martine Armstrong reminds us that it is now legal for the US government to lie not only to foreigners, as previously, but also to Americans domestically.

That's a curious view of freedom of the press.

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Ryan Harris said...

All the news is about Russia Trump bromance rather than the cheating in DNC. Or why Hillary's war hawk stances lead to war on European Eastern borders, Borders with middle East, and north Africa/Mediterranean and that is why the Russians don't like Hillary. Trump Putin bromance, is the problem according to npr. Merkel's calls for a Europe from the Atlantic to Pacific are never rebuffed by NATO or the US two party government. As an outsider to the two party government, it's pretty jaw dropping how twisted the narrative becomes for people focused on their candidate but zero attention to the larger picture.