Friday, July 29, 2016

Vladislav Inozemtsev — Russia’s Flirtation With Fascism

This is interesting as more than a rant because it is by a professor at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow and Director of the Center for Post-Industrial Studies. The Higher School of Economics is known as a hotbed of neoliberalism and Westernization.

That such as institution exists and that he is able to write such an article without fear of immediate consequences are testimony enough to the fact that it is a rant rather than an objective assessment of Russia's political system, which is traditionalist and happens to fit the mindset of most Russians who are traditionalist and abhor liberalism as the work of the devil. This is especially the case outside of Moscow and St. Petersberg.

Read it as part of the Western neoliberal attack on Vladimir Putin in an attempt to demonize him and the Russian government.

The obvious connection, although not mentioned in this piece, is that Donald Trump is also a fascist, which is why the Trump-Putin bromance.

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Vladislav Inozemtsev | Professor of Economics at Moscow’s Higher School of Economics and Director of the Center for Post-Industrial Studies

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