Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sputnik— Is Trump Trying to Prevent a New Cold War?

The US is fomenting a new cold war not because it is actually wants to fight a war with Russia or China but rather to force new arms race that will disrupt their development by committing massive funds to armaments, while at the same time feeding the US military-intelligence-industrial-financial complex that is the core of the US economy. It is also doing to to justify the continued existence of NATO and its expansion in order to cement post-WWII US occupation and control of Europe. The still believes that it can accomplish its objectives through regime change rather than war.

Should Trump win, he will find not one the deep state but also the US elite aligned against him if he insists on foreign policy realism.

The US media is strongly backing Hillary Clinton and the neoliberals, neoconservatives, and liberal interventionists. Stephen F. Cohen is saying that the media owes the country a debate on the issues instead of picking a winner that agrees with the elitist position and portrays the populist point of view as naïve and un-American.

This is shaping up to be a nasty campaign in which the stakes are not only trillions of dollars but also world domination, bringing the rats out of the sewer.

Is Trump Trying to Prevent a New Cold War?


Unknown said...

I would not say that the people buy our politicians and run our government don't want another world war. I don't think that the deep state behind our CIA would mind so much a war between the US and Russia as long as their homeland in the Middle East remains unscathed. Many of our leaders have dual citizenship and Trump worries them because he says "American first." Wrong country. Here is what Hillary says about Iran: Let me ask you where in the Constitution does it say our country is supposed to attack another country for a third country?

Kaivey said...

The more I read about Trump the more I warm towards him. Ronald Reagan was despicable too (there is a book about his mafia links by Forbidden Books) but he ended the last cold war. Paul Craig Roberts says they Reagan wanted complete nuclear disarmament but Margaret Thatcher talked him out of it. PCR also says that the military-industrial complex weren't happy with Reagan.

Could Trump end this cold war too, let's hope so? I don't care for Trump much, but ending this new cold war and joining forces with Russia to eliminate Isis has got to be something worth voting for.

Unknown said...

I agree. Trump may be a mystery but Hillary isn't.