Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Rostislav Ishchenko — RAISING THE STAKES: Putin slams US nuke threat with ultimatum

There is a simple and straightforward answer in the breaking of the plutonium deal and the humiliating ultimatum that accompanies it.

Anyone following strategy knows that the US elite believes that Russia is bluffing and that strong action will call that bluff. 

It is also a matter of record that the US has been assembling a conventional first strike capability against Russia that would effectively neuter its military. It would be launched very close to Russia so as to be unstoppable.

Russia is alarmed that the US is preparing a pre-emptive first strike against Russia that would be launched from European missile bases, US submarines, and the US surface fleet in the Black Sea. Putin had warned the US of the consequences of this previously and that Russia would be taking asymmetrical steps to counter it.

Putin has just sent a signal that Russia is ready for the duel to the death, which would mean the end of civilization as we know it.

This has nothing to do specifically with recent developments in Syria other than to convince Russia that the US is either unwilling or unable to keep its agreements. In other words, the US has "gone rogue."

One can argue over whether that assessment, but that is how Russia views the matter militarily and will respond accordingly.

Fort Russ
RAISING THE STAKES: Putin slams US nuke threat with ultimatum
Rostislav Ishchenko, RIA Novosti - translated by J. Arnoldski

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Top Washington officials are set to discuss striking positions of the Syrian military without a UN Security Council resolution.…
One proposed way to get around the White House’s objection to striking the Assad regime without a UN Security Council resolution would be to carry out the strikes covertly and without public acknowledgment,” one administration official who is to take part in the discussions told the Washington Post 
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More than selective reporting. Changing the context to give a fake impression. That's propaganda.
A Syrian-born journalist has slammed the New York Daily News and the Independent newspaper for not accusing Syrian rebels of shelling areas belonging to government forces, lamenting that the MSM is not covering all sides of the war.
Harout Ekmanian was speaking to RT about his disbelief at the deliberate misreporting of the death of a Syrian swimmer and her 12-year-old brother.
Mireille Hindoyan and her younger sibling were killed in the Villi district of West Aleppo on Friday.… 
Ekmanian, who now lives in New York, wrote an editorial in the New York Daily News explaining what had happened, only for the publication to remove a section in which he said the rebels were responsible for the deaths of the brother and sister.
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Magpie said...

Expect the "coalition" to supply Al Qaeda with heavier weaponry."

If they did, it wouldn't be the first time. Remember the mujahideen fighting against the USSR using CIA-provided Stinger AA missiles?

At the time all muslims were good: they were fighting the Great Satan. You remember, don't you, about the freedom fighter versus terrorist distinction.

You Yanks even sent all-American hero bloody John Rambo to give them a hand. :-)


It's only now when the once saintly mujahideen turn their weapons against their former masters that all muzzies -- without exception -- become evil, evil I tells ya.


God, you people do have short memories. It's all-too-easy for any cheap swindler to manipulate you. Lord KeyKey chose an easy target.

Andrew Anderson said...

How will Russia know that attacks on its nuclear deterrent are with conventional weapons and how will that matter anyway? Or does Washington plan a simultaneous, stealth attack on thousands of nuclear weapons at once? And hope to get them all?

So the whole point of nuclear arms reductions was not to reduce the possibility of nuclear war but to make a first strike more "feasible"?

Just how many cities is Washington willing to lose?

High crimes is too mild a charge for those willing to murder millions of their own citizens.

Andrew Anderson said...
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Andrew Anderson said...

This one's for both Hillary and Trump, purported Christians:

The Lord tests the righteous and the wicked and the one who loves violence His soul hates. Psalm 11:5

Matt Franko said...

Its not like they "love" it AA...

Matt Franko said...

Going right back to Cold War footing... allied with Syria/Hezbollah, Iran, Cuba, annexed Crimea, eastern Ukraine, saber rattling around the Baltics, civilian airliner shot down, airspace incursions, leader that never leaves, etc...

Should have seen it coming once they reneged on the gas thru Ukraine deal when gas went to $13... then used the gas supply valve over EZs head...

Andrew Anderson said...

Its not like they "love" it Franko

Then what is "We came, we saw, he died" about?

Also, Bill Clinton bemoaned the fact that he was not a war-time President like FDR.

Matt Franko said...

Well good point maybe those two destroyers of the Democrat party do love it... Those 2 Show you how just two people can F up 50 years of hard legitimate work by millions....

Matt Franko said...

Where would the Democrat party be if those 2 never showed up? I'd be pissed if I was a Democrat

Ryan Harris said...

Putin ordered 40 million people to evacuate, 200,000 first responders to practice for a big event. Must be serious, expecting a hurricane or earthquake maybe?

Tom Hickey said...

Reminiscent of the civil defense drills we used to have during the Cold War. Wake-up call.

jrbarch said...

Someone mentioned ‘repetition’ a while back, cycles, and I have been thinking about it ever since.

There are proverbs like ‘history repeats, we never learn’; ‘nothing new under the sun’; ‘the next generation has to re-learn, while the passing one forgets’ etc; but these don’t really unpack what is going on. To see the detail, we have to slow everything down; and expand our scope. We also need a certain elevation, a birds-eye view for context.

We live life, day by day, caught up in each moment. In fact it is impossible to remove ourselves from the moment: - the past slips by into distant memory, and the future can only be anticipated. We are forever trapped in the moment NOW, and cannot move one nano-second, either side. This limits our perspective, capturing the attention. Sometimes, the past and the future feel like two stones of the flour mill of Time, relentlessly turning, grinding us up. The mind screams! The moments hold us, and the events that transpire over the moments. We see only the ‘existential’ events, never our existence. Confined by personal moments and events, the events in another town, another country, on the other side of the globe are distant. We agree with the concept ’oh, history repeats’ but we do not see its reality; experience its reality, like we do the moments and events of our lives.

That’s where the creative imagination comes (playfully) into play. Imagine yourself on your favourite armchair, sitting out on the rim of the Milky Way, with this neat little remote in your hand that allows you to scroll at any speed, zoom at any resolution, every single event that has ever happened to anyone, at any time on this earth; wired in so you get to experience it all; not only through all of the senses, but sentiently, psychologically, synthetically (which after all is what the sixth sense – the mind – is all about), so that the experience is completely absorbed, and gets to work on you, on the inside. When that happens, there is always an inner response.

And I am pretty sure, that at least one thing that would emerge from all of that experience is the profound realisation of ‘repetition’. The love affairs, jealousy and greed; the tribes who fought for hunting territory; the Kings who plotted against each other and the Court intrigues; the nations who plundered the tribes and weaker nations; the predators who now rule the earth and slaughter millions far from their shores, and murder and incarcerate their own. The technology might have changed (bringing us to the point where at the touch of a button we can wipe out our own species and just about everything else) - but the human nature is still to conquer itself. ’Peace would be man’s greatest achievement on earth’.

And the point of repetition is that it will happen again and again and again, until we break the cycle. And what interests me is keeping one eye on the little personal cycle of moments and events, in the context of a lifetime; and how that relates to all of the wider cycles. That would lead to a deeper discussion. The palette is not this world; it is the human heart and what is within.

Ralph Musgrave said...

Time to cut down on the number of US bases in Europe.

Matt Franko said...

jr maybe Putin is thinking he can get the band back together for a reunion tour... now that they have shown at least some success in material terms there...

iow maybe he thinks their previous problem wrt the Soviet system was some sort of a basic lack of confidence (confidence fairy)... now that they have some semblance of a material systems track record of success to look back on for the last 15 years or so, maybe he thinks its a good time to take another shot at it...

so you see his policies going back to all the old ways...

The common denominator in all of this is Putin... I guess they dont have term limits over there... the guy has been there forever...

Andrew Anderson said...

If Russia is imitating its "successful" former and present enemy, the US, then who else is to blame but US for its behavior?

More on Babylon the Great: Revelation 18

Bob said...

Time to raise the number of EU military bases in Europe?

Matthew Franko said...


That already happened ... here:

17 Behold Me rousing against them the Medes, who are not accounting silver, And gold - they are not delighting in it. (Isaiah 13:17)

The gory details are in Daniel... I thought you were the big OT fan out there???

And BTW... we now have it going EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE WAY as the Babylonians did...

Wake me up when we go back on the silver standard and start mining gold like crazy and our enemy becomes a cohort named "the Medes" who eschew the metals....

jrbarch said...

Continuing from the comment above:

Einstein said that to keep on doing the same thing, over and over and fail, is insanity (at least as useful a realisation as relativity).

If humanity were a child, sent to the same class and the same school for over 200,000 years to learn the same lesson (harmony through conflict) we have failed; over and over. You would have to think it is time to try something else.

Each cycle, the intent is to seek harmony (at least in the hearts of the masses whose instincts remain good); but the fiasco is we humans stumble, down the millennia, from conflict to conflict. Therefore the first point is ’war begins in the minds of men’. Not logic. All logic leads back to harmony, just as all loads lead back to loam. We do not know how to unload ourselves and lead back to harmony; even though our loads cause us so much trouble. Instead, we load more and more on our neck; until one day it snaps. This time, the ‘snap’ is tri-nuclear. In each crisis, there is opportunity.

Mind in this context, is the monkey on our backs. That aspect of the personal announcement and directional system in your head, that will take you out into the desert and dump you there, then blame you for being such an idiot; and can turn world leaders psychotic. Mind usually walks hand in hand with the emotional system, and together they create havoc. Mind devours concepts and endlessly weaves them into the patterns of havoc. Mind makes promises that somehow always fall apart. Mind lives very very close to us all, and we know it intimately – it is not our friend. But every day we wake up, and it tells us what to do. You actually have to walk a long way, to find a human being that has begun to think for them – especially about existence. Most of us are caught up in a ‘world-view’ that really is just mind, having fun with us. Screwing us over.

Despite all of the ‘events’ happening in the world, repetitions of a stalled human nature, like a broken vinyl record jumping back to the same track, playing out in the theatre of Time – who will ask ‘what does all of this have to do with our existence’? On a beautiful little blue white green jewel of a planet earth, two thirds out along the spiralling arms of a small galaxy, absolutely unique in its ability to support Life. IMHO, and it will seem an incredibly naive opinion to most – absolutely nothing! To me, you could have been born into the body of an Eskimo, or aboriginal of one of the root races, Aryan, Atlantean, in any of the sub-races, male or female, at any point in time; lived out the sweetest dreams or darkest nightmare: - you will still be you. We are something more than all of these events, and more than the racial vehicle (atomic spacesuit) in which we dwell. We are more than mind and the monkey on our backs, and we are at lot more than just logic. That is my honest opinion. And because I have this pov, then life for me is primarily all about consciousness. There is existence, the nature in which it is temporarily embodied, and the outside world which is a reflection of how much control we have over our nature. We are here for a very short time, seventy laps around the sun – that is not very much time to understand the Self and get a handle on your nature.

Life, for as long as we are in a body, is a duality of experiences. But we do not understand: - because we exist, everything else on the outside is possible. We think everything else on the outside defines our existence; and this is WRONG! Causation flows the other way. We understand a lot about our nature on the outside and yet are powerless to bring peace to this earth. This is because we understand very little about our existence on the inside. We have never ever met ourselves, face to face, or understood what human existence actually desires. We only understand what our nature desires. Sounds arrogant to say, but I have no time for arrogance of any persuasion. Arrogance exists only in the mind and is delusion. To break the cycle, there has to be another way.