Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Brett Wilkins — A Brief History of American Torture

Denial — from the highest levels of government to mainstream media still reluctant or refusing to even say or print the word torture to a public which still embraces torture despite its barbarity and inefficacy — is the order of the day when it comes to facing America’s tortured history. Our nation’s failure to honestly examine its darkest deeds raises the all-too-real prospect of their repetition, a chilling possibility that seems likelier than ever given Trump’s choice of Haspel, someone accused of torturing for torture’s sake — and enjoying it.
Torture is the play of sadists. It is a criminal aberration. There has also been a strong element of racism in US state-sponsored torture.

A Brief History of American Torture
Brett Wilkins | editor-at-large for US news at Digital Journal

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Kaivey said...

Hi Tom. I mentioned about Frank Oslen here before but I decided but to put out the video because it is considered to be a conspiracy theory. But in it they describe torture so horrendous it's off the planet. Frank Oslen witnessed this once and became a changed man afterwards. The story goes that the CIA were worried he might tell people about it so they murdered him.

I read the the CIA would use massive amounts of LSD when interrogating people to cause maximum psychological suffering. I find this hard to write about as I don't like to think that people could be so cruel.

I've been looking at Buddhist sites this morning rather than politics, which is far more life affirming.