Thursday, May 3, 2018

Duncan Green — The Economist comes out in support of Universal Health Care – here are the best bits

This week’s Economist magazine leads on the case for Universal Health Care, worldwide. That’s a big deal – the Economist is very influential, can’t possibly be accused of being a leftie spendthrift, and the case it makes is powerful. A couple of non Economist readers asked me for a crib sheet of the 10 page report, so here are some of the excerpts that caught my eye:
Universal health care on the table, a raging debate over basic income or job guarantee — the frame is shifting rapidly. Apparently, TPTB are becoming concerned that the natives are getting restless over rising inequality and increasing precariousness.

Oxfam Blogs — From Poverty to Power
The Economist comes out in support of Universal Health Care – here are the best bits
Duncan Green, strategic adviser for Oxfam GB


Noah Way said...

Rwanda and Botswana will have public health care before the US.

Oh, wait. They already do.

Konrad said...

The U.S. government can create infinite dollars out of thin air, and it actually does so for war, Wall Street, and weapons makers.

Moreover U.S. dollars (created out of thin air) are accepted worldwide.

Nonetheless, when it comes to Universal Medicare, the politicians and neoliberals ask, “How will you pay for it?”

And most of the peasants repeat the same question, thereby denying themselves Universal Medicare.

Quite literally, most people in the lower classes would rather die than give up their smug, self-righteous idiocy. They voluntarily choose to be enslaved and impoverished.

This brings up a related item. Liberals are furiously attacking rapper Kayne West for suggesting that Blacks chose to be slaves. Mr. West tried to clarify his point in subsequent tweets, but his attempts were clumsy.

I shall help him…

If you are abducted, chained, stuffed onto a ship, sent to the New World, and forced to work on a plantation, being whipped and flogged, then you are abused and exploited against your will. There is no choice involved.

It is only when you voluntarily choose to believe your tormentors’ lies that you actually become a slave. Physical abuse is not voluntary, but slavery is always voluntary. It is always a choice. Slavery is a mental state.