Saturday, May 12, 2018

Jimmy Dore - The Rise Of NeoLiberalism Explained w/ Peter Joseph pt. 3

I always thought Peter Joseph was very Utopian, but I admired him because he will go on any show with any host and defend his system wholeheartedly, he even was interviewed by Alex Jones who did his best to find common  ground. Cenk Uygur interviewed him and did his best to agree with him but couldn't really understand how his system would work. Well, I can't help it, every time I listen to Peter Joseph my heart lifts.

Peter Joseph says how the work place is very totalitarian, but the libertarians think that giving all the power to the bosses and the company is freedom and liberty. When I started work in my company years ago it was quite a friendly place. Some bosses tough, but were tended to be fair, but as the years went by they became much tougher. But things got worse at the end as my company started getting ruthless with the middle management too and there was a very high turnover of managers. Then the company decided to stop recruiting people from the shop floor but to get managers from the outside instead and it was then things really did start to change.

My company became an unrecognisable place after that and if you were called into the office, often for a trivial mistake, and you would start to quake. Yep, they could install real fear in you, yet the libertarians believe this is freedom and liberty because you can walk straight out of your job if you want to. Yeah, and lose your home and healthcare allowance as well as maybe your family ending up on the street. That gives the bosses enormous power to make your life miserable. 

Richard Wolff is another guy I like, and here he seems to shares a lot of the similar ideas with Peter Joseph.


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