Saturday, May 12, 2018

Lee Camp - WEB EXCLUSIVE: CIA Veteran Beaten By Police During Gina Haspel Confirmation

The US is a morally bankrupt society, says Lee Camp, and this is a prefect example of the corporate state beating and arresting those that don't agree with their pillaging and corruption. All Ray McGovern was doing was protesting against the confirmation of the torturer, Gina Haspel, a person who should be put on trail for war crimes.



Konrad said...

The McGovern case brings up something that annoys me about cops. They slam you to the ground, and while you’re lying there with your nose jammed into the cement, one cop has his knee on the back of your neck, trying to snap it. Another cop is grinds his knee into the small of your back. Four more cops have their knees on both your arms and legs.

While you squirm in agony, being chocked to death, the cops repeatedly yell, “RELAX! RELAX! STOP RESISTING! RELAX!”

And when they murder people, even on camera, they usually get away with it.

Tom Hickey said...

Makes a mockery of US criticism of others for human rights abuse, especially when McGovern was protesting normalization of torture by the Bush, Obama, and Trump adminstrations.

Noah Way said...

It's a very small step from here to domestic concentration camps. Oppose the fascist regime at your own peril.

Tom Hickey said...

It's a very small step from here to domestic concentration camps.

We already have them in the form of private prisons. So far they are mostly for minorities.

Significantly also the people that have been prosecuted, convicted and imprison for torture are those that blew the whistle on it. Perps, if any, those way down the chain, such as the low-level enlisted people at Abu Ghraib.

Fascist state?

Kaivey said...

If this happened in Russia, imagine the outcry. Russia bad, Russia suppresses free speech, Russia an authoritarian state, etc.

Konrad said...


If the USA enters a major war, there will definitely be concentration camps across the USA.

During World War II the US government built 152 concentration camps across the USA. (What…you thought only US citizens of Japanese ethnicity were put into camps?)

The 152 concentration camps held 12,000 American citizens who refused to go overseas and die for Washington bureaucrats. Camp inmates had to create their own food, and they were not released until 1947, two years after the war ended.

The concentration camps were called the “Civilian Public Service.”

During World War One, American citizens who refused to die to make rich people richer were thrown into federal prisons such as Fort Lewis (Washington State), Alcatraz Island (California) and Fort Leavenworth (Kansas). In prison these inmates were subjected to short rations, solitary confinement, and physical abuse.

During both world wars, police departments set up permanent roadblocks everywhere in the USA, hunting for draft dodgers. The cops were extremely aggressive in this, knowing that if they did not produce enough bodies for the death machine, then the cops themselves would have to go overseas and be killed.

In the combat theatres, military police units stayed behind the lines, hunting for deserters.

Again, the MPs were extremely aggressive in this, knowing that if they did not produce enough bodies for the death machine, then the MPs themselves would have to go to the front and be killed.

Konrad said...

Incidentally, during WW II, all belligerent nations had concentration camps. No exceptions.

(And of course, many nations had POW camps.)

But only German camps were “evil,” since Germany lost the war.

During WW II, many Japanese soldiers fought to the death, but many other Japanese soldiers surrendered. The USA had no POW camps for Japanese soldiers, since the Japanese who surrendered were all shot.

The Pacific war was a race war.

The execution of Japanese soldiers went like this…

When Allied forces took an island, they gathered all the surrendered Japanese into one spot, and put a small detachment in charge of the Japanese “until support arrived.”

Then the Allied forces left the island and moved on to the next island.

The small detachment left behind waited for “support” than never arrived. So, after a short while, they shot all the Japanese, and signaled their units to come and pick up the Allied detachment left behind.

These mass executions were standard Allied practice. But since the Japanese lost the war, only the Japanese were “evil.”

Noah Way said...

^ The Faraway War by Richard Aldrich

GLH said...

Had McGovern been black he would have been on national news.

Kaivey said...

Apparently, many Japanese fought to the death because they were petrified of getting caught by the Americans because they believed them to be so cruel to prisoners. I read this was due to Japanese propaganda used to make their troops hate the Americans. Well, all countries use propaganda on their people so the that is probably true, but I also reckon the Westerners were really mean too.

I read a story years ago about some massacre the Japanese did against Americans. There was hundreds in the sea and the Japanese commanders told their troops do shoot the Americans. Many Americans tried to make themselves as visible as possible to try to get shot so their death would be swift.

After the war, many of the Japanese soldiers, and some of the commanders, suffered from PSTD and felt terrible guilt and shame about what they had done.

Konrad said...

@Kaivey: Atrocities are committed by all sides in war, but only the losing side must carry the atrocities stigma forever. Indeed the losing side is condemned for atrocities it committed, and for things it never committed (e.g. the ridiculous “six million” myth).

The winning side is saintly no matter how many atrocities it committed. During the Nuremberg trials (which were held in order to camouflage Allied atrocities), German submarine warfare was declared a “crime against humanity,” while Allied submarine warfare was considered righteous.

The nuking of Japan was unnecessary, and was therefore an atrocity. The incineration of Dresden was unnecessary, and was therefore an atrocity.

Again, atrocities are committed by all sides in war.

Konrad said...

Israel is excused from this pattern, since the more atrocities Israel commits, the more people scream that, "Israel has a right to defend itself."

Matt Franko said...

"Fascist state?"

Uh... no... try democracy... 63% support torture....

Kaivey said...

I know. The ruling elite attracts the same crowd.

Kaivey said...

Propaganda. And it depends on how you ask the question.

Tom Hickey said...

Uh... no... try democracy... 63% support torture....

Hitler came to power when Germany was a democracy.

Jeff65 said...

No Matt,

As Kaivey said, very dependent on how you ask the question. Ask if they're OK with Americans getting tortured.

You know the answer to that one, so clearly it's not a question of torture. It's a question of believing Americans or the American system are somehow better than others, which is a religious argument. No different from the kind of argument someone saying "Kill the infidels" would make.