Saturday, May 5, 2018

Matt McManus — Liberalism, Classical and Egalitarian

Conservatives are about conserving and that means orienting toward tradition, that is, the past. 

Classical liberalism was a product of 18th century thought, specifically "the Enlightenment." Attempting to return to the past in the 21st century, especially as far back as the 18th century, is a fool's errand.

In this sense, orthodox Marxism is also conservative in that it looks to the 19th century, and "orthodox" economics in contrast to "heterodox" economics looks to the 20th century. Orthodox religions look back centuries, if not millennia.

Time to move on. We should remember that we "stand of the shoulders of giants." But we need to build on them instead of worshipping them.

Liberalism, Classical and Egalitarian
Matt McManus


Matt Franko said...

“instead of worshipping them”

This is how an atheist would approach it....

Part of the “worship” was recognizing the significance of what they came up with.... the importance... so you would never forget it...

Tom Hickey said...

One can adequately and proportionately recognize the greatness of the past without claiming that the book is now closed. As in "the end of history," or asserting that "natural law" in human affairs is on a par with "the laws of nature" as universal unchangeable truth. That is being dogmatic rather than scientific, and it is suspect when what is claimed as immutable truth happens to benefit the interests of those making the claims.