Tuesday, May 1, 2018

McKinsey on transforming banking

Corporate banks have delivered steady returns but face daunting challenges. To succeed in the coming years, they need to find another gear.
McKinsey Insights
Building the corporate bank of the future

The digital transformation of any enterprise is a herculean task requiring a willingness to embrace cultural change, the ability to immerse the entire organization in the customer journey, and a total commitment to digitize to the core. DBS Bank Chief Information Officer David Gledhill shares his insights on DBS’s digital transformation with McKinsey’s Vinayak HV, a partner in the Singapore office....
The first letters of Google, Amazon, Netflix, Apple, LinkedIn, and Facebook together spell GANALF. That was missing a D, and we, as DBS, fortunately have a D. So, our mission became how to become the D in GANDALF....
Transforming a bank by becoming digital to the core

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