Friday, May 18, 2018

Reuters — U.S. targets four individuals, three companies in Venezuela sanctions move — Reuters U.S. targets four individuals, three companies in Venezuela sanctions move

Ratcheting up economic warfare.
The U.S. Treasury imposed sanctions on four Venezuelans and three Florida-based companies under a program meant to pressure Caracas over what the United States sees as its heavy-handed tactics to suppress political opposition....
U.S. targets four individuals, three companies in Venezuela sanctions move


U.S. sanctions No. 2 official in Venezuela's Socialist party


Konrad said...

The Empire is frustrated. Venezuela’s president Maduro will be re-elected this Sunday for another six years.

Today crude oil hit $80.00 per barrel, and it continues to rise. Crude oil has been going up by about $10.00 per month, so if the present trend continues, crude will rise above $100.00 per barrel by mid-July. That’s bad news for gasoline prices in the USA, but good news for Maduro (and Russia and Iran).

The Empire is the world’s biggest drug dealer and sponsor of terrorism. To charge Maduro with being a drug dealer is as laughable as Russia-gate, the Skripal poisoning hoax, the Syrian gassing hoaxes, and the “humanitarian” white helmets hoax.

Note that the US Treasury has accused Costa Rica of laundering Maduro’s “drug money.” This is code for, “All you Latin American bastards had better work harder to crush Maduro, or else we’ll be coming after YOU!” The biggest money launderer in Latin American (by far) is Panama, whose government is a U.S. puppet.

Note also that the U.S. has charged the Dominican Republic with handling Maduro’s “drug shipments.” This is clumsy, since the Dominican Republic is allied with the Empire.

When the Empire gets angry, it becomes stupid.

Konrad said...

Last year the neoliberal opposition demanded that Venezuela hold elections in May 2018. When the Maduro government agreed, the neoliberals realized that they could not win democratically. Hence they will boycott the tomorrow's election.

Last year the Trump regime demanded that Venezuela hold elections in May 2018. When the Maduro government agreed, Trump said he would not recognize the results.

The Empire says that Venezuela’s elections will be rigged. The Maduro government is pleading with the U.N. to send an international observation team to oversee the elections. (I don’t know if the U.N. has agreed.)

Maduro’s neoliberal challenger Henri Falcón says he will end shortages by opening up Venezuela to the predatory IMF and World Bank. That is, Falcón will make Venezuela’s government take loans in order to buy imports. The resulting debt load will plunge Venezuela into debt, austerity, privatization, and neoliberalism.

However Venezuela won’t need loans, now that oil prices are rising again. Maduro has carefully explained this to the masses, and they get it.

Henrique Capriles (who is Jewish, and a flaming Zionist) has been barred from running because of corruption charges.

Therefore it looks to me like it’s time for the U.S. to invade Venezuela. Few Americans would object to a military invasion.

Reagan ordered Grenada invaded in 1983, and George H. W. Bush ordered Panama invaded in December 1989. No one objected to either operation, and no one will object to another one (Venezuela).

On the contrary, Trump’s idiotic worshippers would cheer (e.g. Fatt Stanko) while Hillary’s idiotic worshipers are too busy attacking “sexism” and “homophobia” to care about another U.S. invasion.

Half the U.S. peasantry is Fatt Stanko, The other half is militant #MeToo cu*ts. Both halves insist on being slaves. Both halves have been programmed to hate Venezuela’s “dictatorship.”

Konrad said...

Venezuela’s government issues Food Stamp debit cards (just like in the US government) in order to prevent price inflation.

Esteemed and “respected” publications like the Financial Times are claiming that tomorrow (20 May 2018) government agents will follow millions of Food Stamps recipients into elections booths to make sure they vote for Maduro. Otherwise, voters will lose their food stamps.

This lie by the Financial Times is comically absurd, but what else can you expect from a dying empire? Gassing hoaxes, the poisoning hoax, the “six million” holo-hoax – these are signs of an empire in its twilight.

If the neoliberal opposition (Henri Falcón) wins tomorrow, he will immediately revoke all Food Stamps.

Falcón is the darling of the Wall Street Journal. Falcón says that if he wins, Venezuela will adopt the U.S. dollar as its national currency in order to give the U.S. government total control over Venezuela.

Falcón is an arch-neoliberal who calls himself a “socialist,” since that’s what Venezuelans like to hear. His lies are hilarious.

Will Falcón win? No. Average Venezuelans are not quite as stupid as are average Americans. (I’m looking at you, Flatt Wanko.)