Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sara Hsu — China’s Bid To Assist Assad In Syrian Reconstruction Is About Security and Profit

Even as the West favors airstrikes against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and steers clear of supporting the president in rebuilding Syria, China has stated that it is interested in reconstructing the war-torn nation, and Chinese firms are lining up to become part of the process. The reconstruction cost is expected to amount to $250 billion, according to the United Nations. China’s motivations are apolitical, and are not aimed at opposing the policies of Western nations. Rather, China is propelled by economic and security reasons to take part in rebuilding Syria....

This assumes the ability to construct military power, and that requires a developed economy.

WWI and WWII made it clear that, as the economic powerhouse with a strong manufacturing base,  the US could create more weapons faster than anyone else while lasting longer. And the US showed that it could continuously innovate as well.

Understanding this is at the basis of Chinese geostrategy.

Being a larger country than the US and having developed a strong manufacturing base, China is positioned for global leadership as the 21st century unfolds. If it plays its cards right. Notice that the current emphasis of the CCP under President Xi Jinping is "innovation."

In addition, China needs resources and markets but it is not inclined to make the mistake of repeating colonialism. Rather, China is positioning itself as friend and facilitator. The Chinese motto in international relations is "win-win."

This a pretty good post but the author feels obligated to point out China's willingness to engage in what the liberal West criticizes but itself practices.
China has previously provided funds to the Assad regime during the crisis, and does not appear to have any qualms about Assad’s brutal governance tactics. China has proven that it is often unwilling to involve itself in foreign conflicts unless it will benefit from intervention, even when worst practices are being carried out.
Sound familiar?

Triple Crisis
China’s Bid To Assist Assad In Syrian Reconstruction Is About Security and Profit
Sara Hsu | Assistant Professor of Economics at the State University of New York at New Paltz

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