Monday, May 7, 2018

Zero Hedge — White House Threatens Beijing With "Consequences" Should Missiles Remain In South China Sea

US getting feisty. The Chinese: "Butt out."

Zero Hedge
White House Threatens Beijing With "Consequences" Should Missiles Remain In South China Sea
Tyler Durden


Konrad said...

I wrote the following comment in response to a different post, but it’s more appropriate here. So I copied and pasted it below.

The missile dispute involving the South China Sea brings up the topic of Malaysia Airlines flight 370, which vanished on 8 March 2014 with 239 people on board. No trace was ever found.

The plane had departed from Kuala Lumpur, and was proceeding northeast across the South China Sea toward its destination of Beijing China. My hypothesis is that at 1:20 am local time the U.S. navy (or an allied navy such as the Thai navy or the Australian navy) accidentally shot down MH 370 during a naval training exercise.

Such accidents have happened before, but in this case Flight MH 370 was over the South China Sea, which is one of the most sensitive and highly contested areas in the world, and is also one of the busiest maritime areas in the world (perhaps THE busiest). The South China Sea is full of warships from many nations. China, the USA, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and others all have competing claims to this area.

159 people on board (64% of the total personnel) were Chinese nationals. If China learned that the US military (or a US-allied military) accidentally shot down Flight MH 370, then China would have grounds to demand that all US forces leave the South China Sea.

The US military will not surrender its presence there, so a story was cooked up that for some reason, Flight MH 370 radically did an about-face and headed out to the vast Indian Ocean, where it mysteriously vanished into the night air.

Everyone has mindlessly accepted this nonsense for over four years. Large airliners vanishing into thin air? Sure. Right.

If China was smart, then China would search the seabed in the China Sea, which is comparatively shallow, especially where it meets the Gulf of Thailand (where MU 370 was likely shot down). My guess is they would find residue from the airliner. No doubt the USA has collected and hidden much of the residue, but it is doubtful the USA could have located all of it.

Noah Way said...

MH370 was probably a test/demonstration of EW capability.