Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gilles Paquet — Evolutionary Cognitive Economics

Abstract: The paper reviews that limitations of the neo-classical economics paradigm in dealing with information: focus on individual rationality, static view of the world, unduly parsimonious characterization of the world of cognition. Then it sketches the contours of an alternative paradigm built on selective rationality, imperfect mental representations, cognitive structures as filters, and an adoption/adaptation dynamics: selection mechanisms adopting certain representations, rationales and conventions, but rules and patterns also adapting to the evolving milieu. The new evolutionary cognitive paradigm is shown to be pregnant with new insights into the structure and functioning of modern economies but also likely to generate some reformulation in our policy prescriptions
Evolutionary Cognitive Economics
by Gilles Paquet | Professor Emeritus at the School of Management and Senior Research Fellow at the Centre on Governance of the University of Ottawa


Major_Freedom said...

Hmmm, this is completely consistent with praxeology.

Praxeologists reject: neoclassical rationality, static view of the world, and unduly parsimonious characterization of the world of cognition.

In fact, praxeologists can even explain what the cognitive scientists are doing and presupposing in their approach.

Anonymous said...

Praxeology instead use pre-scientific methods which deduces truths from a priori knowledge.A priori knowledge is logic, or knowledge that exists in a person's mind prior to, and independent of, outer world experience.Praxeology is for cranks.The Praxeologic approach to philosophy is a very old one: Rationalism. You have to go back to the 17th and 18th centuries to find when it was last considered a serious philosophical movement.It is part of a broader phenomenon,of anti-intelectalism that been emphased by the explosion of far-right think tanks in the last 30 years, funded by such conservative and libertarian donors as the Bradley, Coors and Koch family foundations.You Sir,Major Freedom are just a tool for those neo-feudalist families!Good night Sir!Sweet dreams!