Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dennis J Bernstein — Bush's Foiled NSA Blackmail Scheme

More than a decade ago, President George W. Bush enlisted the National Security Agency in a blackmail scheme to dig up dirt to coerce UN Security Council members to approve his aggressive war against Iraq. But the plot was foiled by a brave British intelligence officer, Katharine Gun, as Dennis J. Bernstein reports.
Bush's Foiled NSA Blackmail Scheme
Dennis J Bernstein, Consortium News | Interview

Surprise. Intelligence is used for more than intelligence.

J. Edgar Hoover reputedly had a file on "everyone." Whether he did or not, remains uncertain, but "everyone" knew he had files and no one was sure whether he didn't have a file on them. Result. Intimidation.

Total information awareness is fascism and leads to totalitarianism, where everyone feels watched all the time. This is an unacceptable tradeoff for false security.

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