Saturday, June 29, 2013

Enrico Grazzini — Democracy or the Euro?

According to the German Constitutional Court it is not acceptable that “the most important decisions at European level be negotiated in anonymous corridors of the Brussels bureaucracy.” In Italy too, we should ask ourselves whether it is right that economic policy is torn from popular sovereignty and dictated by foreign countries and international financial oligarchies.
We hope that finally there is a judgement in Berlin so that the euro, led by Angela Merkel’s Germany and Mario Draghi’s European Central Bank, does not totally prevail over democracy. We hope that the German Constitutional Court decides on the de facto withdrawal of Germany from the euro: this is possible, although not very likely. The President of the German Federal Constitutional Court Andreas Vosskuhle has expressed his opposition to the idea ‘that the most important decisions at European level are negotiated in anonymous corridors of the Brussels bureaucracy, or at any meeting of the European Council, or somewhere else without adequate public discussion and without European citizens having the power to influence these decisions”.
According Vosskuhle budget decisions must remain in the hands of the legitimate representatives elected by the people and Parliament: “It would be tragic if we lose democracy to solve the problems of the euro or to achieve greater European integration.”
Revolting Europe
Democracy or the Euro?
Enrico Grazzini
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