Monday, June 24, 2013

Nick Rowe — Rates, rents, shares, and capital theory

NIck Rowe jumps into the fray on rents with a model. He also thinks that Cambridge Post Keynesians wrong in the capital debate.

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative
Rates, rents, shares, and capital theory
Nick Rowe | Associate Professor of Economics, Carleton University


Nick Rowe said...

Thanks Tom!

But I did say something sorta nice about the post keynesians. I said "But sometimes I think that they did have a point. Because "C+Kdot = F(L,K)" does play a bigger role in our thinking than it should."

Tom Hickey said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Nick. My intention in mentioning it in the post was as a heads up to PKers that might want to respond if they knew about it. I'm not up enough on the background to comment intelligently.

Unknown said...

Speaking of "share":

Here's irony: Common stock companies are among the most so-called "credit-worthy." But hey, when the game is loot or be looted what else will most do but play along?

Even more ironically, common stock companies are seen as the enemy to progressives and liberals when they are the solution to the problem of "inequity."