Thursday, September 26, 2013

Arturo Garcia — Second California county joins push to form state of ‘Jefferson’ (via Raw Story )

Second California county joins push to form state of ‘Jefferson’ (via Raw Story )
A second county in rural northern California voted on Tuesday to explore the possibility of seceding and joining a new state, the Redding Record-Searchlight reported. Modoc County’s board of supervisors voted 4-0 for the move, which was supported…


Tom Hickey said...

I don't think that these folks have really thought this through. These Northern California counties are economic basket cases, and without a transfer of funds from the wealthier counties in the state they would be dependent on taxes except for federal funding.

Daniel said...

Tom, you can't possibly think these guys (and the ones in CO) are serious, do you? This is all just local politicians posturing and puffing their chests out in "defiance", trying to look good for their rural constituents by railing against distant evil urban boogeyman.

I'm sure the secession thing was something a handful of local yahoos brought up, only these conservative politicos are too cowardly and too scared of getting primaried to brush such asinine suggestions aside as nonsense, so they end up getting entwined in said nonsense. Same way so many GOPers in Congress ended up involved in the Birther movement.

Ryan Harris said...

Democracy values an opinion by geography and per capita NOT by merit.

The 'Red' rural constituents largely work in industries scorned by New Democrats as being dirty, old economy and largely discouraged by policy.
The Democrats lose broad support because of their arrogance toward people who make different value judgements to arrive at different conclusions by making different trade offs to optimize their world.
The industries in the large cities are not viewed with a critical eye as those in the rural areas. An obvious anecdote might be that Apple can hire modern day slaves and folks turn their heads. The tech companies can suck down tons of electricity, fly employees around the world daily and create environmental chaos but that is ignored while a rural constituent is thrown out of business because their cow poops within a mile of a stream. Yet the 'organic' mulch pile (popular with New Dems) can run-off nitrogen to the nearest waterway but that is OK. The resentment toward thousands and thousands of New Democrat policies and regulations over the decades grows daily and the Dems shake their heads and watch Jon Stewart and smugly laugh at those stupid Republican fools who ignore all those rational reasons why Dems are doing just fine, thank you.