Monday, September 30, 2013

Social-hari-kiri. Is that ritually stabbing your country in the Middle Class?

Commentary by Roger Erickson

Let's hope that we're witnessing the height of idiocy, before it sinks humans even further. "Erble" illogic has jumped the pond, and infected feeble wits in the land of Keynes. Can it be contained, and quarantined? Is there a cognitive vaccine against this group-brain-eating disease?

Make operational sense of the following pairing, if you can.

Osborne Pledges Tories Would [Start Depleting Net Private Savings] by 2020
"Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne pledged to [have the UK fiat currency issuer shrink the UK population's currency supply, by taking back more currency than it issues. When? By] 2020 to help bring down U.K. government [nominal] debt if his Conservative Party is re-elected in 2015."

   [Wow! Better run out & vote for the robber's platform, right away.]

But wait! There's more!!!

UK to Spend Hundreds of Millions on Cyber Attack Capability
"The U.K. will spend hundreds of millions of pounds hiring hundreds of computer experts to allow the nation to launch cyber attacks if necessary."

No problem! Just keep beating Middle Classes into CyberWarShares?

Words fail me. 

What could one possibly say to Mr. Osborne, if one did get a chance to perform a Turing test on the bloke?

After detecting such a huge dysfunction in the farce, the ghost of Wynn Godley may be attempting quantum mechanics to tunnel to a more intelligent sector ... out of pure shame & frustration. It's as though millions of pea brain erble-intellects suddenly cried out in ignorance, and started committing default hari-kiri. Truly, the farce can have a self-destructive effect on the lame brained.

Perhaps these little erbles might do better investing a tad in upgrading their own operating paradigm - and specifically in their ability to adjust it sooner than 80 years after their context changes?

Ya think?

Before deciding, read this whole sequence, on the economic consequences of the Gold Std in the UK. It's more than rather reminiscent of today.  And yes, Winston Churchill was a clueless weasel. Osborne could aspire to a bit higher ambition, at least when it comes to Policy Space and Policy Agility.

Social-hari-kiri. It really does involve ritually stabbing your country in the Middle Class. It's a horrifying consequence of the erble-illogic social prion semantic infection. The only known social vaccine is mandatory education in logic.

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