Friday, September 27, 2013

Can They Possibly Put Europe Back Together Again? And Do WE Have To Finish Breaking The USA Too?

Commentary by Roger Erickson

With apologies to both Andrea Terzi and Humpty Dumpty.

How Austerity Broke European Stability

Question to Andrea Terzi: From your local view, do you think all the continent's horses & all the continent's men can put Humpty Dumpty's dynamic nest egg together again?

Brussels Sprouts sat upon all,
  Brussels Snouts made everyone else fall,
Now all the continent's rentiers & all the continent's banksters ...
  Will they possibly allow Europe to put itself back together again?

Do they even want to? Or has the own-goal become a More Perfect Gangsterism, rather than a More Perfect Union?

If so, then Russia's revenge against Napoleon will finally be complete, and scorched economy, though not scorched earth, will reverse momentum and finally reach all the way to Paris, under Pootie the Great. Who says the Russian's aren't most adaptive of all? For every culture, there may well be a killer Propaganda Prion Party. How ironic that Brussels Sprouts would be the vector. "No one could have predicted that!"

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Andrea T said...

Europe is suicidal, yet like most people who commit suicide she doesn't really want to die.