Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Looking Back, Nearly 1 Year On: Before the Election was Over, Wall Street won

Commentary by Roger Erickson

Ever hear of an opponent being "inside" your OODA Loop, or decision cycle? Apparently, neither has 99% of the electorate. At least there's no sign of any statistically significant response.

Introducing "George" and the Control Fraud, plus the Middle Class hound, "Willoughby," who's in "hot" pursuit of said Control Fraud, the tormentor of the Middle Class.

Duh-uh, which way did they go, George? Huh? Which way did they go?
Whom? The former US Middle Class, or just their prospects? And who's George? And why are we asking him about anything?

Are we being Geithnered, in underhanded and persistent ways? Will the phrase "adding Summers to Greenspan" become synonymous with pairing insult with injury?  Are they flat out Rubin our nose it it?

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