Friday, September 27, 2013

Breathtaking New Plans Draining Out of Congress & Political Parties

Commentary by Roger Erickson

DoD comptroller outlines shutdown plans for work, pay, travel.

Any plans to shut down sentient thought in Congress? Not needed you say? It stopped long ago? So where's the savings?

Don't tell me the plan is now to "save" fiat by shutting down sentient thought in the entire electorate? Wow! Just imagine the savings!

The show must go on, but the crowd's getting restless, waiting for someone to YANK this act off stage. For Pete's sake! How long until the next act? I'd pay extra just for an emergency intermission where everyone just got to go home and get on with their lives for awhile!

ps: It's the stench, not the audacity that is breathtaking. At this rate we'll need a political dump pump to drain all the stupid out of Congress. One rated for sewage-grade dump! I can understand if people don't want these idiots in their local communities anymore, but can you all send them somewhere else besides Congress? Please? Surely the overflow isn't THAT large? If it is, will the last sentient voter please shut out the lights, so that the asocial zombie overflow will stumble around & fall into their own Super_Unfunded_Dump_Sites faster, and rid us of their stupidity? Otherwise, the Zombie_CrowdingOut_Principle will push US into their Luddite sewage.

ps: ps: Just what denomination of "savings" are we talking about here? Can voters please explain their terms? I'm no longer sure we speaking the same language, let alone employing the same semantics.

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