Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Sad Death Of An Adjunct Professor Sparks Some, But Too Little, Labor Debate, Possibly Too Late

Commentary by Roger Erickson

Here is another example of how more people in more professions every year are "just eking out a living" - without any explanation for why we should settle for that outcome.
The Sad Death Of An Adjunct Professor Sparks A Labor Debate
   (hat tip John Leonard)

With this kind of dis-coordination, our Output Gap must be - voluntarily - off the charts. We've been slogging away at our current course for over 30 years now. Isn't it past time to stand up, look around, and consider other options more carefully?

As a start, who are they, exactly, who are volunteering us for this suicide mission? Why? And to what purpose?

And if both their motives and desired outcome are suspect, where are the legions declaring "Hell No, We Won't Go" quietly into a state of total dis-coordination? If reducing our Output Gap is an alternative goal, then halting compliance with the anarchists is an obvious, early step. They can't volunteer us for self-assisted suicide if we simply refuse to cooperate.

If return-on-coordination - i.e., teamwork - is the highest return, by far, why are we throwing it away, instead of discarding stuff we DON'T need anywhere near as much? What other selections might we be making, instead? If there are so many options, why aren't we exploring them?

This is natural selection at work, folks, and at the moment WE are not selecting wisely. Is the sad death of the entire US Middle Class really our choice?

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