Wednesday, September 25, 2013

If This Is What Gets People Elected To Congress Today, Then We're In Deep Trouble

Commentary by Roger Erickson

Rep. Steve Southerland believes in hard work, finds it.

Hard as this guy works, he'd NEVER be mistaken for one of the Founders who wrote the Constitution.

If this is what gets people elected to Congress today, then we're in deep shit. OCD-constrained savant pops to mind more often than statesman while reading this article. Does that impression reflect the realities of the electorate we've developed?

All may not be lost. To his credit he does come right to the crux eventually, saying that Congress is "a mile wide & an inch deep." Yet he then TURNS AWAY from acknowledging & shaping that reality in the only direction that matters. Not the right guy for the job, so far.

And this is all about one and one issue only, of the thousands Congress is supposed to collectively DELIBERATE and form a more perfect union from. Several hundred one-trick ponies does not agile policy, nor an agile nation make.

A Congress in denial. There's no future in it.

Tribal councils did better, over 500 years ago.

Ours is a well known task, with well known solution guidelines. It's astounding that we've trained ourselves away from scaling up agile extensions of methods already known to work.

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