Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our Struggles Start With Semantics. And Quickly Scale Up To "ParadigmAntics."

Commentary by Roger Erickson

At either scale, we just don't enjoy their antics. Here's yet another case in point.

A color-blind MICC clown school is accidentally* putting on a tragedy.

Invisible War - Depleted Uranium and the politics of radiation

This is worse than semantics. It's "paradigmantics" that are rather reminiscent of our ongoing lunacy over fiat currency operations, expressed by a Orthodox clown school attended by fiat-blind Luddites who can only see gold.

However, in this latest case of paradigmantics, yet another crop of idiot savants have THEIR heads up THEIR asses, obsessively fixating ONLY on distributed radiation from depleted uranium used in military arms.

Meanwhile, reality is trying to get their attention, and is literally screaming that it's the heavy-metal toxicity of uranium isotopes that's catastrophic, absolutely REGARDLESS of the radiation half-lives!

"Nonsense," the idiot savant replies. "There's too little radiation to be a threat!"

Cue distributed "BMHOTKs!"

A few experts are publishing in specialty journals, about the newly recognized phenomenon of "paradigmantics," but the bulk of the populous doesn't even grasp that the entire MICC clown school is metaphorically color-blind, and has a view cluttered by the confines of their own asses. That's paradigmantics in action! It runs by it's own peristalsis, so it literally doesn't matter what anyone says, because whole groups have cognitive momentum which traps their interpretation of literally any communication, sucks agility out of it, and molds it into pre-ordained ideological stools ... er .. talking points. No matter what goes in, what comes out is only their prior paradigm.

While the MICC clowns & some initial opposing activists are arguing about the impact of DU (depleted uranium), another phenomenon is slowly developing beneath everyone's noses. The bulk of the populous is starting - subconsciously at first - to define DU as "depleted unity," and nervously looking around for the exits.

So the clown tragedy show goes on, to it's toxic finale. The MICC clown sees ONLY weak radiation, and goes on with their act, oblivious to the red blood of other performers, slowly drying to black.

The audience is just beginning to be horrified, and a stampede for the exits could occur at any second.

* What if it's NOT unwitting?

ps: Clown, audience disconnect.
      Clown:     "If you think semantics is confusing, just ask yourself, what's a semaphore?"
      Audience: "Look, we're hungry. 1%, can you spare us our own paradigms?"

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