Friday, February 21, 2014

3 days left to sign up for my next Forex class. Learn to use MMT to profit in the currency markets!

3-days left until my next Forex course!

In this online course you will learn my successful trading methods
  • Market Composition -- find out how to get the scoop on what other market participants are doing in the market. It's like knowing the cards of other players in a poker game.
  • MMT--Yes, this is the only APPLIED MMT course you will find anywhere. It's great to talk and theorize about MMT, but I teach you how to use MMT  to trade the markets and MAKE MONEY! Put MMT to work for you!
  • Mental Game -- This is by far the most important ingredient to trading success. If your mental game is not correct, if you don't have the psychological traits that ensure success, then it doesn't matter what system or method you use, YOU WILL LOSE. On the other hand with the right mental game you can literally throw darts at a dartboard and MAKE MONEY! I give you exercises, tricks and rules that ensure you have the proper mental game to succeed.
The trading account that I trade for this course, using these principles, is up 90% in 9 months with ZERO losses! You can have results like that, too. In fact, many of my former students are already trading and making money. Check out the testimonials.

Learn to trade Forex. The biggest, most liquid markets in the world. No commissions. 24-hour action. Broad-based trends. And use the power of MMT to earn big profits.

Sign up now. Space is limited.

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The Rombach Report said...

Mike - Have you calculated the Sharpe ratio for these returns?