Saturday, February 22, 2014

Qin Guangrong — Chinese Shift: Put the Environment Above GDP Growth

"We would rather reduce our growth rate a bit in order to protect the environment and never seek short-term economic development at the expense of the environment. We should never pursue a 'pollution first, treatment later' approach. "
World Post
Chinese Shift: Put the Environment Above GDP Growth
Qin Guangrong | Communist Party Secretary of Yunnan Province, China


Ryan Harris said...

= less unfair trade and regulatory arb

googleheim said...

Yeah right

Unknown said...

China has been around over 6,000 years and arguably is more of civilization than a nation.

Moving the environment up the menu board is the right thing to do and will, if carried through on, demonstrate a leadership role that is sorely missing from the west.

Given a choice, I would not choose their current form of government, however, I would look the other way if they stopped destroying the planet for the sole sake of accumulating pieces of paper and bank credits.