Monday, February 24, 2014

Lynn Stuart Parramore — Economics Has a Surprising Mental Disorder

Psychoanalyzing the economists to account for their fetish over models that don't work because the assumptions are unrealistic.

Economics Has a Surprising Mental Disorder
Lynn Stuart Parramore


Ralph Musgrave said...

That's been obvious to many of us for some time, but nice to see someone writing an article about "model-mania".

Matt Franko said...

I'm glad a female wrote this.... but I have been observing the same things for a while... especially the general lack of female involvement....

and this is interesting: "if you’re inclined to view the world from a mathematical perspective, you expect to see regular patterns and correlations that hold true no matter what. Like atoms or objects falling in space. You tend to think that society, like nature, should operate according to mechanistic laws."

Is this not simply Darwinism in general?

so if you are a Darwinist, why is this then surprising when people conduct themselves this way? why all the indignation?

Why not just think that the 1% could be about to branch off into another superior species by mathematical random chance... like a "big bang"...


Tom Hickey said...

Physics envy, obsession with curves…..