Monday, February 24, 2014

Philip Pullella — Pope revolutionizes Vatican by opening finances to scrutiny

Pope Francis on Monday revolutionized the Vatican's scandal-plagued finances, inviting outside experts into a world often seen as murky and secretive and saying the church must use its wealth to help the poor.

Francis, elected nearly a year ago with a mandate for reform, used a document known as a Motu Proprio - Latin for "by his own initiative" - to implement immediate changes including appointing an auditor-general.

The document says the Church must see its possessions and financial assets in the "light of its mission to evangelize, with particular concern for the most needy".

A new Secretariat for the Economy will report directly to the pope and will be headed by Australian Cardinal George Pell, 72, currently the Archbishop of Sydney and a key proponent of financial transparency in a committee that advised the pope. A Church source said Pell would move to Rome.
Pope revolutionizes Vatican by opening finances to scrutiny
Philip Pullella


Matt Franko said...

this Pell is the guy who Dawkins got to reveal that he thinks humans were descended from Neanderthals here:


Tom Hickey said...

Well, part right. Some recent research shows that not only do some modern humans, generally northern peoples, have Neanderthal genes but also that these genes are a source of hereditary disease-bias. On the good side they make for hardiness and resistance to extreme cold.