Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ukrainians shed blood to liberate themselves. Now they want to join the EU? A tragedy on top of a tragedy.

The courageous people of Ukraine overthrew a dictator. Many paid with their lives. Now what? Well, if it's up to Yulia Tymoshenko, the former Prime Minister who had been jailed by the Yanukovych regime, Ukraine is going to join the European Union.

And if she gets her way it will be a tragedy upon a tragedy.

Are these people blind?

EU membership has been a disaster for Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Latvia and others, even those waiting on line to join.

It's one thing to give your life for sovereignty, freedom and self-determination. It's quite another to throw it all away for a different type of tyranny.


Peter Pan said...

This may be a symbolic attempt to free themselves from Russian domination and civil war. They have bigger tragedies to worry about.

Unknown said...


Yanukovych was democratically elected to office and is by no generally accepted definition, a dictator. He was also well within his moral and legal obligations to pass on the EU agreement(s).

I have no dog in this race, however, let's be intellectually honest regarding the Ukraine.

I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion on joining the EU. I think your conclusions are crystal clear to any reasonable and rational person.

Sadly for the Ukraine, they have become a chess piece in the US - Russian game of risk.

Anonymous said...

The opposition in Ukraine aren't fighting to liberate anyone. They are former nazi and fascists.

See this article.

The Anglo-Americans are simply continuing the old cold war anti-Russian and anti-Chinese encirclement geopolitics.

Ask yourself how many Russian pipelines go through Ukraine to get gas to Europe and the picture is very clear.

The American play here is obvious. We are trying kick the Russians out the European Energy while we push the TTIP through so that we can get all that newly fracked fossil gas because domestically the austerity means we are too poor to buy our own shit so we are trying to keep EU from collapsing with cheap American while kicking the Russian economy in the balls.

Putin is knows, China knows this, South American knows this and you can bet they are going to make us pay for pulling this BS during the Olympics.