Sunday, February 23, 2014

Still time to sign up for my Forex course

My Forex course starts tomorrow, but there is still time to sign up.

Learn how to trade the currency markets. The course has not had a single loss in nine months. The account is up 90%.

I will teach you how to replicate these results using my proprietary, *Market Composition* + MMT + Mental Game methodology.

This is the only APPLIED MMT COURSE anywhere. It's great to talk and theorize about MMT, but why not learn how to use it to make money?

Read the testimonials.

The is an online course. Monday - Friday (Feb 24-28), 8am to 4pm NY time. Taught on the Webex system. All sessions are recorded and you can download them to  review at your leisure. Live trading.

Course fee is USD $2995. **If you enroll you are entitled to participate in any future courses free of charge for as many times as you want.

To enroll, please go click below.

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