Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rebecca Leber — Exxon CEO Joins Suit to Stop Fracking By His Home Because He's Worried About His Property Values

But Big Oil Exec Rex Tillerson is fine with hydrofracking when it adversely affects others.
Rebecca Leber, Climate Progress


Ryan Harris said...

He isn't against fracking near his home, he probably gets royalty payments. He is against the water company that is selling water using a tower. When we lease our minerals, in recent years the companies that are paying us, usually want us to be happy and cooperative so they will do their best to keep their equipment out of sight or from being a nuisance as best they can.
Happy mineral owners help get their neighbors to sign over their minerals to responsible operators.
This is a misleading headline, it's like saying you are against groceries because you don't support a semi-truck cold storage/distribution center next to your house... the water is an ancillary industry that could be located anywhere.

Tom Hickey said...

A lot of the opposition to fracking is not only about the fracking operations themselves but also ancillary externalities such as this person is objecting to.