Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kasia Anderson — Harry Reid: Koch Bros. Are ‘Un-American’

This was not an off the cuff remark by Harry Reid, the consummate politician. Either the Koch Bros. are hurting Democrats, or the Democratic Party sees political capital in going after them.

The GOP has been attacking the Democrats as un-American and worse for some time. The Democrats have resisted taking the gloves off and responding in kind. Looks like that may be changing.

Harry Reid: Koch Bros. Are ‘Un-American’
Kasia Anderson


googleheim said...

The easiest way to show how Koch really are to the world is if someone show the ways the Koch's make things expensive ... whether chemicals, food, fuel , whatever. they not represent a free market and keep prices high artificially.

googleheim said...

Koch = inflation!

Ryan Harris said...

Sort of the pot calling the kettle black. Reid's own SEC has it's employees front running enforcement announcements. The career bureaucrats don't even try to give the appearance of being honest. While the politicians do nothing more than lip service. Any appearance of law and order is only an illusion for election year politics. Kochs are powerful and do plunder, but everyone, and I mean everyone should be plundering the system and taking what is left, when the law enforcement is doing it, the politicians are doing it, and the rich are doing it, why the hell not?

The Rombach Report said...

Maybe the House Committee on Un-American Activities should subpoena the Koch brothers to have then testify before Congress?

David said...

Wake me up when Harry Reid actually does something. Until then, I'm going with my previous assessment of the man: "All hat, no cattle."