Friday, December 26, 2014

Andre Vltchek — The Empire is Crumbling, That is Why it Needs War

Some will view this as a rant, others as a call to arms, and yet others as a rather accurate view of the state of global affairs and the trend of geopolitics. Regardless of viewpoint, it is an increasingly widely held point of view that is exerting an impact geopolitically. And anyone that can't hear the war drums beating is deaf.
The mask has fallen and what is now exposed is horrifying: the face of amonster, with blood and pus, a greedy grin and merciless fangs. It is a monster that is still in love with itself, unable to see its dreadfulness. It remains proud of its fundamental religious dogma, which it often doesn’t even see as ‘religious’. It dwells on self-righteousness, and at the same time, on its twisted market-fundamentalist faith that everything and everybody are for sale. It is a monster full of complexes – both those of superiority and inferiority. 
It is not a happy monster and the people it produces are mostly miserable, lonely and scared. But it cannot change, it cannot back-up, it cannot let go. It would rather destroy its children and the world, than to admit that it went totally wrong, for years, decades and centuries. 
Now many people have had enough, and some have even forgotten how to be scared! And the monster knows it, and it is actually scared itself, of those who are not scared of it.
The voices of the voiceless are now resonating louder and louder – we make sure that they are! 
Except in the countries where the intellectuals and ‘elites’ have totally sold out, like in Indonesia or Malaysia, the horrendous deeds of the colonialism and neo-colonialism of Europe and North America, are finally being discussed, analyzed, and understood.
And the monster, the Empire, knows that it is the beginning of the end.

It cannot live as an equal. Therefore, it will fight its final battle. It will try to win. Or, it will try to destroy the world. Because life is not worth living for it, if it is not in full control; if its God is not in control, if it is not perceived as the enforcer of the divine manifesto….
The Empire is Crumbling, That is Why it Needs War
Andre Vltchek

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