Tuesday, December 23, 2014

John Helmer — The Oligarchs To Lead Russia A Dance In 2015 – Choosing Your Partners When You Are At War

Machinations in Russia. Alexei Kudrin is the person to watch.
Alexei Kudrin, the former finance minister (right), started by criticizing Putin and Nabiullina last week for their timing on managing the rouble crisis. For Kudrin’s tweets, click. This week Kudrin has announced through the Financial Times that Putin is obliged to choose between capitulation in eastern Ukraine and capitulation on the home front. 
“As for what the president and government must do now,” Kudrin declared, “the most important factor is the normalisation of Russia’s relations with its business partners, above all in Europe, the US and other countries.” Kudrin claimed to the newspaper that 40% of the rouble depreciation is due to the sanctions war. 
Kudrin announced his candidacy for prime minister in Washington in September of 2011, before he was fired; Putin said at the time that Kudrin had suffered abreakdown. This time Kudrin’s candidacy to run Russia is sponsored from London, as he places himself at the head of what the Kremlin faction of security officials is calling the Fifth Column. The security faction is led by chief of staff Sergei Ivanov; it is represented in public by the Novorussian commander Igor Strelkov. Read more. 
Look back at the table setting — at Friday’s meeting with the oligarchs, Ivanov was in first place on Putin’s right.


PeterP said...

I think Kudrin has to watch because the American Left's hero can have someone feed him some Polonium...

Tom Hickey said...

Interestingly, Kudrin is said to be close to Putin.

Matt Franko said...

Sounds like one big happy family..

Seem to be working together to get thru it..

Has anybody heard if as part o f this they are going to implement austerity like the morons in the US or Europe would figure out a way to work that into a situation like this?


PeterP said...

Well, to exist in the Russian public sphere you need to be close to Putin, that's how they roll.

Matt Franko said...

P sounds like they running a low rate for borrowers and a high rate for savers... This is bullish imo... They could really take off over there if they couple this with some additional fiscal support.. rsp