Saturday, December 20, 2014

Alex Lantier — Imperialism and the Ruble Crisis. “Economic Warfare”

The plunge of the Russian currency this week is the drastic outcome of policies implemented by the major imperialist powers to force Russia to submit to American and European imperialism’s neo-colonial restructuring of Eurasia. Punishing the Putin regime’s interference with their plans for regime change in countries such as Ukraine and Syria, the NATO powers are financially strangling Russia.
If this were to succeed and the Putin administration be replace by Western-friendly neoliberal oligarchs, the alarm to go to general quarters would sound in China, since NATO would soon be on its wester border, with the Seventh Fleet on its eastern border. They would it interpret it as the US making its move before China gets so strong as to be impervious to attack. 

Then the clandestine war with China would begin to effect regime change to China by fomenting a color revolution there, which could also involve economic warfare to isolate China from the global economy. Dispensing with Russia and China as adversaries would then open the way to closing the trap of neoliberal globalization under Western transnational economic interests that control Western governments through oligarchy "democracy." 

This is the US geopolitical and geostrategic dream. What could go wrong?

Global Research
Imperialism and the Ruble Crisis. “Economic Warfare”
Alex Lantier


Matt Franko said...

So Tom are we asserting that if the Russian Central Bank "bankrupted itself" by providing USD liquidity at swap rates way BELOW the policy rate, that those RUSSIAN people who worked there at the CB would NOT face negative consequences from Putin and his people?

I find that hard to believe. .. esp

Tom Hickey said...

Matt, I think that this is probably beside the point. Russia will do what it takes to survive this attack on it as it has in the past.

Basically, Russia now knows it has to disengage from the USD as quickly as it can and this means currency swaps with other countries and setting up a non-USD financial system. The swaps have already begun and the work around non-dollar system is estimated to be up and running by May.

Russia's biggest problem is not financial actually. Like the rest of the emerging world it is technological resources. The emerging world is still not at the tech level as the developed world and realizes that this actually where it needs to ramp up. So look to an alliance forming around this among, especially among the big players, Russia, China and India, under the Russian and Chinese nuclear umbrella.

Ryan Harris said...

The world shifts to a diverse set of fuel supplies instead of oil, coal, and gas and there are economic winners and losers which get characterized as an imperialist attack on Russia. Academic climate models dictate that we switch fuel sources (Let's hope they are right this time!). So we are shifting trillions in investment elsewhere. And the price of oil has dropped as demand has waned and supply surged. China is actually doing as much as anyone else in changing their own fuel supplies because pollution has become intolerable. So China will import fuel from Russia instead of where? Mid East & African oil/gas, will be shipped to Europe instead of Asia. So does that means Eurasia is turning away from Me-Africa and Europe or is that Europe is turning away from Russia? Or is it Africa and ME are turning their backs on Asia?... I can't keep my geo strategic conspiracies straight.