Monday, December 29, 2014

Only 3 days left to get my 30% reduced price offer on my next Forex course

Course is Jan 12-16. Online. Intensive Forex trading boot camp. There are going to be HUGE Forex moves in 2015. Learn to trade Forex.

Check out what one student said:

“To me, Michael Lewis’s book, “Moneyball,” describing Oakland’s approach to building a successful baseball team is a good analogy to compare with your Forex trading methodology. You showed me how to throughly analyze multiple data points combined with an overlay of MMT informed economics to determine the best trades to make. Even when a trade can some times take a negative turn, you taught me how to calmly work out of that negative position and turn it into a profit. You’re a great teacher with a patient and engaging approach that is really helping me to trade Forex currencies confidently and successfully. Thanks Mike!” -Bob

Take advantage of the 39% discount on registration up thru Dec 31st!

Click this image to go to sign-up page.

Euro is already crashing following today's failed Greek presidential vote. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!!!

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