Thursday, December 18, 2014

How To Get Economists Off The Back Of Humanity? Develop A More "Informable" Electorate.

(Commentary posted by Roger Erickson)

Sanjeev, from India, writes: "How do we get [India CB Head] RR off our backs?"

Well, the root cause of every addiction lies in the user base. So start by sending this article - and my commentary - to every department head of every university department in the world, and to their Deans too. Seriously.
It's obvious that economists aren't paying much attention to the obvious ...
... (even now, not just for the past 200 years, or even all the way back to before Alexander the Great & Hannibal formally glorified the dynamic power of organization; not that it hadn't been documented before, for those with the wit & experience to discern it).

Plus, send it to the equivalent of your Military Officer & Troop Training institutions. Ask them what it'd be like if citizens arrived to military service already understanding teamwork. Doh!

Quite seriously. One obvious suggestion would be to formally fuse Econ-101, Biology-101, Ecology-101, Sociology-101, Ethics-101 and Governance-101 as a start, so that no member of any those professions could again be so grievously ignorant of so much of our expanding and evolving context.

Maybe Accounting-101 and Banking-101 too, so people wouldn't forget what THOSE professions are for.

A minimal step back towards the rudiments of a Broad Education?

What could be more obvious?

Here's what: If our future citizens don't learn this expanded perspective on human culture by ~age 10, we're dooming ourselves to be far less than we could be. We can't stay in an Adaptive Race without going back to our own basics, and maintaining a more "informable" electorate.

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