Monday, December 29, 2014

Tages Anzeiger — 100 Top Global Thought Leaders 2014

Predominantly liberal.
Pope Francis is the most influential thinker of today. Until 13 March last year he was still known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio and had little worldwide influence as an Argentinian cardinal. Close on his heels is the ‘Internet Pope’ Tim Berners-Lee. The number of researchers and scientists from the USA and Europe is striking, as is their age. Among the top ten, there are only two persons under 60. And only two women, which is less than could have been expected from their representation of 37% in the top 100.

It is also interesting that the economists who were once the centre of public attention have lost ground since the world economic crisis of 2008. The two best-placed economists don’t stand for highly competitive positions in debates on tax and economy; they stand for value-orientated discourse: Amartya Sen (rank 3) and Muhammad Yunus (rank 5) are both pioneers in the fight against poverty.

The fact that discourse about values is more important than debates on the economy or technology can be seen by the ranking of philosophers (an increase from 6 to 10 representatives in the top 100) and theologians – including the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in rank 19. The relationship between state and religion has become a hot topic, particularly due to Islam. In the Catholic Church, too, a whole host of new debates was triggered by the appointment of the new Pope.…
Tages Anzeiger
100 Top Global Thought Leaders 2014

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