Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pepe Escobar — Russia, China mock divide and rule

As it stands, what we do know is that 2015 will be a hair-raising year in myriad aspects. Because from Europe to Asia, from the ruins of the Roman empire to the re-emerging Middle Kingdom, we all still remain under the sign of a fearful, dangerous, rampantly irrational Empire of Chaos.
Asia Times Online — The Roving Eye
Russia, China mock divide and rule
Pepe Escobar


Matt Franko said...

"Caesar" is in Hawaii playing golf again for a few weeks he'll have to get back to you on this..

Matt Franko said...

We can conjure up whatever fantasy we want about some sort of "great game" that is allegedly going on but the reality is this is not the A Team we have in there running things these days... this chaos is what you get with an "affirmative action Caesar"...

Tom Hickey said...

Caesar would never dream this up himself, and his record prior to assuming office speaks to that. As W said after O was elected, "Wait till he get in here."

The deep state largely controls foreign and military policy by "advising" the president and acts to undermine whoever is in the way of the objective, which at present is preserving and extending hegemony. The corporate state is also on board since the goal of hegemony is neoliberal globalization, which chiefly benefits Western interests.

The president is a largely a figure head, so he can golf all he wants and it won't make much difference unless he chooses to grasp the reins of power like Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, and Dick Cheney weren't afraid to do.