Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Learn to trade Forex. Major Forex moves coming in 2015!

There will be some major Forex market moves in 2015, possibly dwarfing the moves we saw in 2014. 

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Some events to watch:

  • A new, Republican controlled Congress coming into power with a whole new fiscal agenda
  • The debt ceiling will be a major issue by March. Will the Republicans default or, will they throw the Federal Government into balanced budget mode, sending the United States on the path to a "full Europe?"
  • And speaking of Europe? Will 2015 be the year Europe comes apart?
  • Greece will be holding elections and the leading poltiical party is staunchly anti-Europe. Will Greece be the first country to abandon the euro?
  • How about Spain where anti-Europe sentiment is also boiling over? Is Spain about to jettison the euro, too, sending it plummeting?
  • Some say the yen's a "crowded trade." There's a $40 billion speculative short position in the yen that has been two years in the making. Will something trigger a massive short covering rally?
  • Russia, the ruble. What next?
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