Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Andrea Germanos — Majority of Germans: We Don't Have a Real Democracy

Over 60 percent of Germans said their country did not have a true democracy because business has a bigger say than the electorate, the survey by the Emnid polling institute for the Free University of Berlin found.
The finding echoes results of a previous study in the U.S. that found a similar percentage opposed the 2010 Citizens United decision that opened the floodgates to unlimited corporate spending on elections, and said that the voices of the electorate were being drowned out by big-moneyed interests. 
Twenty percent of the German respondents also said that improved living conditions will be achieved through revolution, not reforms, and a third of respondents said that capitalism was the root of hunger and poverty.…
The Local reports that the poll shows "a public much further to the left than previously thought."
Common Dreams
Majority of Germans: We Don't Have a Real Democracy
Andrea Germanos, staff writer

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Ignacio said...

Then they better start not giving coverage to their own media-bullshit-machine of bigotry and veiled-racism blaming souther Europe over everything.

Germans at heart know there is something wrong with the system, now they must get over their racial supremacists tendencies and push revolution in their own country. Sometime a century ago Germany found itself at a similar juncture and capitalists interests, helped by fascists, won the battle.

If the Germans can understand their circumstances and kick the ass of the neoliberals in power we may still have hope in Europe. Otherwise we will continue the path to the new feudal oligarchic system of debt-slavery.