Friday, February 27, 2015

John Helmer — What Is Russia’s Answer To Greece’s Plan B — Smile, Blow The Whistle, Pass The Red Card

Stalin’s decision not to contest Greece with the Americans, and the calculation in Moscow at the time of higher priority state interests have been well documented. Less well-known is the calculation of the last Soviet Politburo in 1989, then ruled by Mikhail Gorbachev: he decided not to come to the aid of Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou, who requested assistance ahead of the parliamentary election of June 1989. Papandreou lost that election. 
The calculation this time round is unchanged. The new Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, is viewed in Moscow as a closet American.
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John Helmer


Ryan Harris said...

Tom, you generally have a fairly generous view of Putin: What do you make of the assassination of the opposition leader tonight? Chilling action forsure.

Tom Hickey said...

Lots of rumors and opinions out there. Many are seeing this a false flag to discredit the opposition, for example, and the opposite scenario with the opposition that sees the Russian clandestine services involved.

The fact seems to be that he was with a 22 year old Ukrainian model from Kiev when someone approached them and shot him seven time, killing her. She was unharmed.

Here are some scenarios that the authorities have considered.

Investigators are considering multiple scenarios of Nemtsov's murder

Could be political intrigue, or it could be personal.

Whatever the outcome of the investigation, probably most people with string opinions have already made up their minds. I don't have an opinion on it at this point.

Tom Hickey said...

BTW, the Saker is one of those calling false flag.

Breaking news: FALSE FLAG IN MOSCOW!

Matt Franko said...

"Saker is one of those calling false flag.": Shocking...

Kristjan said...

Interesting thing about Russia, everybody thought sky was going to fall. By February 24 yearly inflation was only 16,2% according to Rosstat. I don't know, can we say this is a failure and Greece is a success? Yet even the most left of the left keep telling me that you can't run MMT policies, only US can. Considering how dysfunctional Russia's policy has been, this is pretty good IMO. MMT slogan should be: "Just Float It"

Roger Erickson said...

Good idea, Kristjan.

Ask Weird Al Jankovic to put "Float It" into a new song parody.