Monday, February 23, 2015

Matthew Martin — Is human capital capital?

More thoughts on human capital.
Of course, human capital is not capital. If it were, we'd just call it capital and lump it in with the rest--the purpose of the term "human capital" is to distinguish it from actual capital.

So, if it's not capital, what is human capital? At most, I'd say it's a modeling insight. The vague notion of "skills" and knowledge that it stands in for are very real, but when it comes to modelling we are really just pretending it's a kind of capital stock. The key insight was in recognizing that skills and knowledge share a few of the same kinds of intertemporal dynamics as capital, and that we can obtain accurate predictions by modeling them as such, even though they differ in lots other ways.…
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Is human capital capital?
Matthew Martin | health economist and programmer for the Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

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