Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Randy Wray — The Spanish Launch of Modern Money Theory

Sorry, I’ve been very busy in recent weeks, finishing up a book on Minsky and revising my Modern Money Primer for a second edition (more on both of those projects later).
Meanwhile, Lola Books is gearing up to release the Primer in Spanish next week. I’ll be in Madrid for the launch and for a series of meetings. I’ll give two presentations that are open to the public. Details are below. Hope to see our Spanish friends there!…
The Spanish edition will have much greater reach than Spain since it will undoubtedly be available in Latin America.

Economonitor — Great Leap Forward
The Spanish Launch of Modern Money Theory
L. Randall Wray | Professor of Economics, University of Missouri at Kansas City

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Magpie said...

Off topic:

Now I understand the "erratic" bit in Varoufakis' "erratic Marxist" label; but, boy, there's no way in hell I can see the "Marxist".

Yanis Varoufakis interviewed by ABC's 7:30 Report: he's an admirer of Paul Keating.

Paul Keating!?

To describe Paul Keating: a kind of Aussie (therefore, sort of provincial/colonial) version of Bill Clinton or Tony Blair.

Oh God.