Saturday, February 28, 2015

Michał Kacewicz — A Final Interview With Boris Nemtsov

Thought experiment" As you are reading this, replace "Russia" with the United States, "Putin" with the sitting US president as unitary executive, "inferiority complex" with "superiority complex." Is what Boris Nemtsov alleged is happening in Russia bear any relation to the US war hawks, neocons, military-industrial-congressional complex, and deep state.

Does this bear any resemblance to Saddam and the the lead up to the Iraq war?

Collision course developing.

A Final Interview With Boris Nemtsov
Michał Kacewicz


mike norman said...

Very true, Tom. Uncanny, in fact. He's talking about the U.S. with the names changed.

The guy was very confused, it seems. Not that he didn't have some legitimate gripes against Putin. (Econ policy, for example.)

My guess is that Nemtsov was killed by actors working for the CIA. Putin's too smart to have him killed. It looks waaaay too obvious.

However, he's the perfect target for a neocon "false flag" type of scheme. Like the Maidan guys shooting into the crowd killing their own.

Tom Hickey said...

That was my take, too, Mike. Uncanny.