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Debidatta Aurobinda Mahapatra — No borders in India-Russia defence ties

Though the Rafale deal has been on the card for the last three years, there has been no finalisation on it as India and France have developed differences, particularly on the issues of the cost escalation and transfer of technology.… 
Contrast this to the Russian policy of ‘no borders’ with India in the context of jointly designing and building defence products. While speaking at Aero-2015, the head of International Cooperation Department of Russian company Rosetec, Viktor Kladov, stated that Russia is quite keen to meet IAF’s requirements for cutting-edge aircraft. The traditional partner is not purely motivated by profit-loss, or give-take, framework. Rather, it is interested in fully cooperating in developing India’s indigenous arms industry. “We don’t sell like other nations. We have a very special relationships … When it comes to India we don’t have any borders… ” said Kladov. 
It is doubtful whether the other suppliers, whether active or potential, can adopt such an approach while dealing with India.…
The major deal regarding the Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) will likely be finalised this year. The FGFA is critical forthe Indian Air Force’s ‘future capability’, and is crucial for its evolving structure, revealed India’s Air Force chief. This year, both the countries would develop a detailed design of cooperation in developing the aircraft. A successful deal on the FGFA would not only strengthen Indian armour, but would be another landmark in defence cooperation.…
 Among India’s suppliers, Russia has been forthcoming in sharing technologies with India. This has helped serve a two-fold purpose. Besides bolstering India’s defence and security, it has also enabled the growth of India’s indigenous technology.
For India, Russia is ready to replace Rafale with Su-30MKI - Rosoboronexport
Russia’s arms establishment appears to have taken note of the changing world, in which there many defence suppliers have emerged. The new players have attempted to woo India’s market and benefit from the country’s fast growing economy. Russia appears to be ready to play in this new format.…

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No borders in India-Russia defence ties
Debidatta Aurobinda Mahapatra

Western sanctions against Russia have turned out to be beneficial for Russian arms exports, state-owned arms exporting firm Rosoboronexport said on Monday.
"Here, at the world's largest exhibition IDEX-2015, and other previous trade fairs, we see heightened interest of partners and customers in our products. This has become the result of the [West’s] sanctions policy against Russia. And this is beneficial to us," the company’s deputy head, Sergey Goreslavsky told TASS, adding that many customers wanted to have more reliable partners like Russia, in contrast to the countries pursuing the sanctions policy.
The cost advantage is also huge owing to the fall of the ruble. A French or US aircraft is just not worth twice as much as a comparable Russian one. Add to that the politics, and it's a no brainer. Add to that the recognition that the Global South (BRICS) may be facing a war with the Global North (NATO) in the not too distant future. Russia and China are already ramping up. India is, of course, aware of that.

Western sanctions beneficial for Russian arms exports

Rosoboronexport: Russia to fulfill $15 bln weapons export plan in 2015 despite sanctions

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